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Jageshwar Temple in Almora District of Uttrakhand- camping trekking

Jageshwar is about 412 kms from Delhi and Almora is about 35 kms.  These temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva from time to time by the devotees of Lord Shiva.  A visit to this place is a wonderful experience.

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Maha Mritunjaya Temple one of the main temples at Jageshwar

 JAGESHWAR - is considered as one of the twelves Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, which lies on the ancient route of  KAILASH MANSAROVAR which is in Tibet ( now China) is believed that Adi Guru Sri Shankracharya came here and reestablished the sanctity of these temples.
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 In the far background seen is the Kedareshwar temple which is also one of the main temples at  Jageshwa, in Almora District of Uttrakhand.

These temples or group of temple around 125 in number of various shapes and sizes build during the 7th century  A.D to 18th century A.D.  These temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess named Yogeshwar (Jageshwar);Mritunjaya; Navdurga; Surya; Navgraha;  Kedareshwar; Baleshwar; Pushti Devi;
Kuber  etc are some of the main temples.

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The main entry door of Jageshwar Temple and the Main Temple at Jageshwar.
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                                  View of Jageshwar group of temples

The Katyuri rules (Circa 7th - 14th century A.D) stated to have restored the shrines and the numerous grants by various members of the  Chand Dynasty of
Kumaon region  (circa 15th  to 18th century A.D) reflect their dedication to Lord Shiva by building temples at Jageshwar.

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