Friday, 19 August 2011

Manimahesh - The Abode of Lord Shiva

View of Mount Kailash on way to Barhmour (some 10 kms) on a clear day.

Om NAMO SHAVAI - View of Mount Kailash and its shadow in the Manimahesh Lake as seen through my Camera.

I was fascinated by the photograph of Lord Shiva right from my childhood and seeing Lord Shiva sitting in a meditating position some where in the Himalayas. I used to think of this place as the imagination of the artist.
But during my first visit in the year 1991 to Manimahesh - the artist creativity as shown in this photograph seems to be real and true. During my trek to Manimahesh I found that the typography of the area of Dhanchow and the waterfall is almost similar as depicted in this photograph. The Artist might have got the idea and thought process while making this photograph of Lord Shiva from this place. The water is gushing out with loud and thunder force from two sides of the mighty rock (like shivlingam) in the centre. The cold and clear water like milk of Bhujala river (khad) is moving with mighty force and creating a thunder naad (sound). One can see the big and beautiful rainbow near the waterfall. The area was lush green with full of Herbs such as jurenia Macrocephala; betula utilis and many other rare herbs yet to be identified. 

During those 20 to 25 years and even before that the trek to Manimahesh was very harsh and difficult. People were generous, simple and helpful. The pilgrimage used to stay at Local (Gaddi tribal ) people houses who used to feed them with food and shelter free of cost. We have to carry our tents and food articles with us. Only two or three free services (langars) were there. The road from Barhmour to Hadsar was very narrow; dangerous and unmetaled. Only few local jeeps used to ply on this route. One has to trek from Barhmour to Hadsar (10 kms) generally. Later on after some years the road was metaled. There were only few people who used to visit Manimahesh just to pay their humble tribute and reverence to Lord Shiva and take a holy dip at the Manimahesh Lake on the auspicious day of Radha Ashtami. Now-a-days there are lots of free service (langars) are organised by the devotes from Punjab; Jammu and Himachal for the pilgrimage of Manimahesh. It has become quite popular also among the masses and many people had start visiting this place.

It was in the year 1995 that their was a sudden cloud brust in and around Manimahesh. It was said that lot of foul smelling water was gutted from the lake with mighty force in the Bhujala river. It was during that time the topography of the Dhancho area as well as the waterfall changed. . It was during that year the water fall changed its fall direction and view. Now one can view the flow of water fall from one side more and that mighty rock had been broken. The flow of water was obstructed rocks crushed in between the water fall. Its a true saying that Nature changes its course or direction in a decade.
I pay my humble reverence and bow into the feet of Lord Shiva at Manimahesh by posting this old and rare photograph for devotes of Lord Shiva and also for those who are eager to visit - Manimahesh - The Abode of LORD SHIVA - in the near future so that they can respect the sanctity and holiness of this place. By preserving and maintaining a clean and green environment in the Himalayas without disturbing its topography and ecology is the only true tribute to Lord Shiva in this present day modern world. OM NAMO SHAVAI

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